Learn, learn, learn – never stop learning

EDUPALL 3rd short term joint staff training on assessment strategies in palliative care education took place from the 23rd to 27th of September 2019 at the University Clinic of RWTH Aachen.

EDUPALL Erasmus+ Programme to develop strategic partnerships has already produced several important documents, such as updated recommendation for teaching palliative care at medical universities, detailed lesson plans, online learning, and mentoring strategies.

The meeting in Aachen was to tackle performance assessment methods that could be applicable in palliative care. Prof. Frank Elsner with his team and colleagues from Düsseldorf had put together a five day program that introduced various methods and tools that can be used to engage students more comprehensively and to assess their achieved knowledge and competencies.

The beauty of this 5-day staff training lay in an opportunity to test and develop various learning and testing methods with colleagues. By doing so also questions specific to palliative care education occurred: what about multi-disciplinarily, what competencies to assess or is it all about attitudes that make the difference?

Thanks to the immense effort of Conf. Dr. Daniela Mosoiu, Dr. Cathy Payne and many other colleagues the EDUPALL project is positively transforming towards its end, nevertheless, leaving behind a group of well-trained specialists, who are to approve the quality of palliative care education across Europe.