WHO Europe features Katharina Lex from Paracelsus Medical University as the research nurse in palliative care

“I do not give up easily – that is a useful quality to have in academic research, as the path can be rocky and strewn with setbacks,” says PhD student and nurse researcher Katharina Lex from the Institute of Nursing Science and Practice at the Paracelsus Medical University in Salzburg, Austria.

Since 2016, the Institute has been a WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing Research and Education, working towards strengthening palliative care education and training with a focus on nurse-led palliative care services.


Happy Birthday DGP!

The German Association for Palliative Medicine (1994-2019) celebrated its 25th anniversary on the 12th of September in Berlin under the moto: Knowledge creates the Life Quality!

Mean­ing­ful Re­la­tions in Aging and Dy­ing

Conference on Mean­ing­ful Re­la­tions in Aging and Dy­ing was held on the 28-30 August 2019 in Helsinki, Finland covering various aspects of aging and dying, specifically focusing on meaningful relations during these phases of life. This...

EAPC Congress 2019

The 16th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care took place in Berlin from 23-25 May 2019. The Congress Motto was: Global palliative care – shaping the future.


4.5 million Europeans die each year in need of palliative care, while there are 6,388 specialized services in the Region - 40% of European nations have half or more of the number of services the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) recommends...


We can’t just stand by: Palliative care education and training needs in the Community of Independent States (CIS), and in Georgia, Ukraine and the Baltic Countries

PACED is a non-profit organisation committed to promote educational initiatives that ultimately result in the provision of compassionate assistance to those at the end of life’s journey.

73rd World Health Assembly Adopts “National COVID Response” Including Palliative Care

Train, equip, and support health care workers to deliver basic palliative care in all settings, including refugee camps, nursing homes, prisons, at home, and in hospitals.


Resources relevant to Palliative Care and COVID-19

The International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC) has compiled this list of resources relevant to palliative care and COVID-19 published by academia, civil society organizations, member states and special agencies of the United Nations, with links to all of the websites and documents listed.

WHO Midwifery Assessment Tool for Education (MATE)

The WHO Midwifery Assessment Tool for Education (MATE), developed by the Cardiff University WHO Collaborating Centre for Midwifery Development with European partners, was published on the WHO EURO website on the International Day of the Midwife, May 5th.

The State of the world’s nursing report released

To recognize the daily contributions of nurses and midwives to the health and well-being of populations across the globe, the State of the world’s nursing 2020 report was released providing data on nursing globally. The report provides a compelling case for the global nursing workforce and investment in nursing education, jobs, and leadership.