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The influence of socio-cultural and socio-economic variables on the practise of palliative care

The perceived self-efficacy and preparedness of newly qualified physicians in practising palliative care were reported to be higher in areas of family involvement, and pain and symptom management than in areas of breaking bad news, prognosis, and diagnosing dying. Major influences on the young physicians’ perceived self-efficacy and preparedness in practising palliative care were socio-economic circumstances of a resource-limited setting and cultural-religious considerations. In addition, the perceived impact of palliative care education and experience was documented.

"You've Got the Power"

Power represents an essential distinction between cultural competence and cultural safety. Healthcare providers should reflect on interpersonal power differences and acknowledge the power differences between nurses and patients.

Experiences of Teaching Palliative Care

Teachers play a crucial role in PC education. Teachers are expected to organise learning, know the subject area and state of the art, be willing to learn, lead by example, and embody and practise the principles of palliative care. Equipping teachers with…


The 18th World Congress of the EAPC 2023, Rotterdam, the Netherlands May 15-17, 2023

Abstract Submission, Deadline for submission: 15 October 2022


A new WHO Palliative Care Collaborating Centre designated

Congratulations to Atlantes Palliative care Team on being designated WHO collaborating centre with a special focus on the global monitoring of palliative care development.

Guidelines on the management of chronic pain in children

The World Health Organization (WHO) provides evidence-informed recommendations for the management of chronic pain in children.

Quality health services and palliative care

Practical approaches and resources to support policy, strategy and practice from WHO.

UHC Compendium

The UHC Compendium informs investments towards achieving the SDGs. This document contains essential information on integrated palliative care.